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ATAO SA was established on 20 September 2000, followed in 2003 by the establishment of ATAO France, whose main activity is Research and Development.

The design of fundamental components that results from the patented ATAO Audio System technology allows to bring to the various speakers a High-Resolution Audio.

Innovation in the audio sector is the common thread of our company, we work on different solutions to improve the propagation of quality sound.

As such, ATAO France designs its own range of professional and consumer products.

Research in the medical sector is underway, with the introduction of scientific studies to better adapt the ATAO Audio System® technology to the hearing-impaired persons.

The miniaturization of the technology is also one of the objectives :
Audio headphones, portable products, Sound-exister...


Two revolutionary components

Two revolutionary components

The ATAO Audio System® process associates two passive components :


A self-powered, high-frequency modulator

An electromagnetic induction coil 


Positioned next the loudspeaker ‘s membrane, these two components allow to:

Reduce the distortion of the signal, while keeping it all the dynamics.

Make the compression of the peaks of dynamics, without decreasing the richness of the signal.The persons affected of presbyacousis (physiological decrease of the hearing age-related can moreover in certain cases to notice an improvement.

Reduce the amplitude of vibration of the membrane of the loudspeaker and so allow it to reproduce more information.


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