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equipped with ATAO technology

Produits exceptionnels

HR4 PDF L.jpg


Loudspeaker 2 ways

Recommended for the sound system for an excellent ambience of low level volumes such as stores, halls, restaurants, waiting rooms…

• Its output and its dynamics at low level surprise, so much it restores the sound, the voice and the music in the perfection and allows a diffusion of a big homogeneity which assures you a real comfort of listening.
• Improved spatializing, which offer you a bigger coverage area, limiting so at most dead areas.
• Available in white or black finishing.
• This model is delivered with wide angled brackets.
• An elbow wall fixing is available optionally for installations requiring an orientation of either up and down.
• A selector of power allows a functioning in 8 Ohms or online 100V from 1,25 to 20 watts.

HR5 PDF L.jpg


Loudspeaker 2 ways Bass Reflex


Ideal for all sound system for public places (indoor and ourdoor), notably in case of acoustics Problems.


• Easily directional thanks to its elbow wall fixing, it is endowed with components and with a moulding which resists humidity and thermal constraints
• The loudspeaker 2 ways HR5T High Definition can be easily settled indoor or outdoor [under shelters).
• The connections are made by screw buttons or jack sockets.
• A steel safety cable is supplied and the loudspeaker contains two threaded inserts for assembly to the foot.
• Thanks to its transformer, it will be able to work in low impedance (8 Ohms) 40W or on line 100 Volts (20 / 10 / 5 / 2 Watts).

• The loudspeaker is endowed with a thermal fuse and a porcelain block connector.

CAISSON DE BASSE (ref SB 100F)_.jpg


This extra flat passive subwoofer of 100W power handling is ideal for Home Cinema and PA application. The integrated filter allows an excellent coupling with most of

speakers. The SB100F fast fixing system and his thickness allow to place it everywhere: on floor, on wall, on ceiling, under or behind furniture.

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