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He acts directly on the signal to reproduce more faithfully the original recording


Thanks to the micro-dephazing, produced by the ATAO Audio System ® modulator, the signal is treated by an acoustic processing, called " the exhaust". This one, by controlling the acoustic pressure, reproduces more faithfully the pallet of the nuances of the recording of origin, of which a wide part is too often ignored by the traditional loudspeakers. This modulator so allows to reveal the harmonious of high rank, to improve the definition and the comprehensibility of the signal.

The sound spectrum, restored in its entirety, allows the hearing system to perceive better all the produced high frequencies.


Audio verdict


A High resolution with low level, whatever is the architecture of the place with sound. In a restaurant, for example, no more need to raise the voice to be understood: the hubbub in the room becomes blurred and the phenomena of distortions decrease.

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