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It improves the propagation and the sound dynamics

Second stage of the sound made in ATAO: the coil, which emphasizes, by the electromagnetic field which it generates, the harmonies were revealed by the modulator. This coil produces a diffusion of more airy signal, where all the components of the sound have more space to be listened.


Also contributing in development of the reverberated field ¹, the coil of the Atao audio system® process optimizes the distribution and the sound dynamics, as well as the amplification and the development of the harmonious of high ranks.























Audio verdict


A sound spectrum better reproduced

Thanks to > the best propagation of the sound in the air, dead areas disappear, for a greater sensation of comfort, whatever is the height of ceilings and the architecture of the acoustic environment.


A better sound system of spaces

The listeners are less disturbed by the sound, too low or too strong level according to their location. Compared with the other traditional audio systems, the audio systems Atao fit a PA system in bigger spaces allowing a cost cutting of the installation.



The reverberated field includes all the sounds which reach the listener, its point of listening, including those who are reflected about walls, grounds and ceilings, as well as all the present furniture. Between 70 and 90 % of the received sound is of the reverberated field.

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