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equipped with ATAO technology



Spherical sound projector

Diffuser with high output especially conceived for the sound system of high areas, very noisy: gymnasiums, stations, airports...


• The Spherical sound projector is particularly adapted for sound system in noisy or reverberating environment : It restores the sound, the voice and the music is more intelligible and an increased comfort of listening for a better understanding.
• Allows a homogeneous sound in very big areas.
• Can be suspended on any type of ceilings at a 5 meter height to offer a bigger coverage.
• Delivered with an autocarrying cable of 2 meters, its fixing is simplified.
• By its power selector, it will be able to work in low impedance or online 100 volts from 2,5 to 20 watts.

• The loudspeaker is endowed with a thermal fuse and a porcelain block connector.



Sound projector


The performance and the dynamics of the High-definition sound projector PM50T are

going to surprise you. Restoring the music and the voice to the perfection and guaranteeing a spatial effect seizing thanks to the technology ATAO Audio System ®, this loudspeaker 2 ways is ideal for all the sound system of public places, in particular in case of problems of acoustics. Easily directional thanks to its system of binding, it is endowed with components and with an ABS hull which resist the humidity and the thermal shocks, so this loudspeaker can be easily outdoor settled. The connections are made by terminal blocks. Thanks to its transformer, it works on-line 100 volts (50Watts).

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