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Do not trust their size, trust your ear

Exceptional audio quality

From the first time you listen, your ear grasps the difference…
Such a high sound resolution, even at low power, with such small speakers, whatever the acoustics of the place… We are really far from the standards of traditional hi-fi.
With your qub by ATAO Audio System speakers, you will rediscover the artists and music you love. The sound image becomes more precise, more present… The restitution of the most faithful sound.

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Technical characteristics

Band passer-by: 100 Hz/ 20 Khz
Power: 20 Watts per speaker
Impedance: 6,2 Ω
Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 130 mm
Weight: 1.30 kg per enclosure
Optional wall mount
Maintenance: cleaning with a soft cloth
Available in 2 colors: Satin black/ Pearly white
Made in France
Warranty: 2 years

Ultra limited series:
13 models with unique colours
available from October 2019

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